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Tattoo of the members of Them

Welcome to the Somnium Penates WikiaEdit

A private D&D campaign revolving around Somnium Penates

Caste System Edit

Everybody born within Somnium Penates has their potential mapped out for them at the time of their birth by seers and physicians, who determine what type of work the individual will eventually grow up to become best suited for. Once determined, the individual is marked by a stud on the right ear, with a color denoting his/her caste. Removing your stud(s) is highly illegal, and will often result in being branded as a criminal.

The studs have a minor magical property which make then spiritually bonded to their owners. Individuals who attempt to put on a stud that is not their own will suffer from rejection sickness, which eventually leads to death.

Also, individuals can have multiple studs, which can either denote a person’s rank in their particular caste (multiples of the same color) or multiple specialties (different types of studs). People with multiple studs are of higher rank than their peers, and will usually have power and authority over their subordinates, or even individuals from other castes of a lower rank.


Player Characters Edit

Additional Characters Edit

Resistance Members Edit

  • Agatha
  • April
  • Asmodal
  • Connor *Deceased*
  • February
  • Fox
  • June
  • Icarus Alaric (Lamb)
  • Livillia Arginien
  • May
  • Moriella Arginien
  • Ralio *Deceased*
  • Shepherd
  • Wolf *Deceased*
  • Samuel

Empire Edit

Carcer Secundus Prisoners Edit

  • Ellen
  • Eli *Deceased*
  • Florentino *Deceased*
  • Romulus Rex *Deceased*

Others / Unknown Affiliation Edit

  • Kvothe *Deceased...technically*
  • Siberius Vulkan

Latest activityEdit

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